UAS Imagery for GIS & Visualization

Flightline Geographics imagery is an order of magnitude better than traditional aerial photography.

Not only are the images much more detailed than traditional aerial images, but the turn-around time for processing is days, not months, making frequent updates feasible.

Some of our latest work...

2" resolution from MILSPEC UAV!

at Ghost Ranch

We are pleased to share some of our recent work at Ghost Ranch, New Mexico! The 21,000 acre site west of Santa Fe is simply awesome and many major motion pictures have been filmed there including Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull, No Country for Old Men, Cowboys and Aliens, The Lone Ranger, City Slickers and many more.

Thousands of nadir (straight-down) images were captured and processed into a 3D reality model and GIS-ready map layers including imagery, DEM, 12"elevation contours and .LAS point cloud. All captured, processed and delivered within just TWO DAYS!


3D reality model from nadir imagery!

The straight-down nadir images were turned into this stunningly beautiful 3D visualization!


Industrial site at 1" resolution!

Another recent project captured an industrial Ethanol plant in Kansas. While we are not in Kansas anymore, the data can still be browsed and navigated in GIS! This is not a photograph, but a fully-rendered 3D model looking straight down at the pipes and equipment detail that was captured. Nothing was missed. All captured and processed in just TWO DAYS!


Industrial site in 3D reality model!

The straight-down nadir images were turned into this stunningly beautiful 3D visualization! Even if you are not a GIS user, we provide a free 3D viewer so you can navigate, explore and measure 3D distances and volumes from your desktop!


Flightline Geographics provides a better and more current base map!



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