Flightline Geographics in the News

Flightline Geographics is a recognized leader in UAS for GIS since 2007. As subject matter experts, we have been invited to publish several articles and other news media to help educate the market about the benefits of this emerging technology. If you have questions, JUST ASK US!

bullet See our recent UAS work at Ghost Ranch, NM featured in Computerworld Magazine!

bulletNational Academy of Sciences Webinar on UAS

bulletEsri ArcUser Spring 2016 issue (articles on pg 18 and pg 30)

bulletFlightlineGeo's Devon Humphrey on the July 2016 Commercial Drones Podcast episode 4.

bulletFlightlineGeo wins "Small Business Award" from Texas Governor's Office

bulletArticle in Tribal Transportation News on "Getting Started with UAS for GIS" (pg. 8 re-print of article in Esri ArcUser from Spring of 2016).

bulletUAS at the Blanco River Flood Response (Dripping Springs newspaper)

bulletGIS & UAS at the Blanco River Flood Response (Corpus Christi TV news story)

bulletGIS at the Blanco River Flood Response (Corpus Christi newspaper)

bulletNews8 Austin Feature on new draft FAA rules for UAS

bulletPoint of Beginning (POB) Magazine on "GIS Unmanned" (see page 18)

bulletESRI News for Petroleum on UAS for mapping pipelines and asset management. (see centerfold article on page 8)

bulletESRI ArcUser Magazine "UAV & GIS - An Emerging Dynamic Duo" circulated to over 500,000 mapping professionals. (see page 24)

bulletSee News8 Austin TV news story on our vineyard analysis HERE.

bulletNational Weather Service used our drone damage assessment photo in an offical storm report! A FIRST! See it HERE. (see page 32)

bulletFlightlineGeo announces alignment with the FAA-Texas A&M Lone Star UAS Center for Excellence and Innovation


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