Blanco River Flood Response with UAS

Flightline Geographics provides high definition geospatial imagery from both manned and unmanned platforms.

FlightlineGeo was engaged to provide high resolution UAS imagery for GIS in the aftermath of the Blanco River Flash Flood Disaster. The project obtained an Emergency FAA COA, which allowed for drone capture of the 8 mile area of interest. The imagery was captured, processed and delivered via ESRI's ArcGIS Online within 24 hours at 1.5" resolution. The 3D .las point cloud is useful to analyze how the river channel has been changed as a result of the flood!

bulletUAS at the Blanco River Flood Response (Dripping Springs newspaper)

bulletGIS & UAS at the Blanco River Flood Response (Corpus Christi TV news story)

bulletGIS at the Blanco River Flood Response (Corpus Christi newspaper)

bullet"Swipe Map" viewer below compares before and after imagery from Digitaglobe and FlightlineGeo UAS (TRY IT on your computer or tablet!)


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