Professional UAS for GIS since 2007

Flightline Geographics is authorized by the FAA to operate UAS (drones) for commercial data collection. While many "fly-by-night" rogue operators choose to skirt the rules, we cooperate with the FAA, are fully insured and are committed to safely operate in the National Airspace for the benefit of our clients.

We have been involved in the use of UAS for mapping since 2007, operating MILSPEC fixed wing platforms that can remain aloft for hours. We can connect you with the right UAS hardware, software and training to fit your requirements.

New! The first SOLAR-POWERED drone specifically for GIS mapping!

Launches by hand and lands by parachute. It doesn't get any easier or safer than this. Over ten years in the making.

The Hawkeye Systems GS 1000 Solar UAS

FlightlineGeo is the exclusive distributor for the USA, Latin America, South America and the Caribbean.
Hawkeye GS 1000 is the 3rd generation of this MILSPEC mapping UAS

Hawkeye GS 1000 solar panels on wing surfaces for 2-4 hour flights!

Hawkeye GS 1000 produces more solar power than it uses to fly!

View detailed spec sheet on the GS 1000 Solar UAS (pdf)

HawkeyeUAV hand launch

bulletCheck out the hand launch of the Hawkeye UAV.

bulletCheck out the parachute landing of the Hawkeye UAV.


















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