Aerial Visual Intelligence for GIS

Flightline Geographics was launched by veteran GIS and remote sensing partners in 2012 in order to provide premium image content for GIS from both manned and unmanned platforms. FlightlineGeo captures and delivers HD and 3D imagery for a variety of industries including Energy, Utilities, Land Development, Agriculture and more. We can also equip and train your organization with our professional MILSPEC UAS (drones) specifically designed for GIS.

New! The first SOLAR-POWERED drone specifically for GIS mapping!

Launches by hand and lands by parachute. It doesn't get any easier or safer than this. Over ten years in the making.

Unmanned Aerial Systems (UAS)

There is a wide range of UAS hardware and sensor systems out there, but not all are designed for quality GIS content capture. Professional platforms and sensors can be combined for a variety of applications. That is what we do.More about UAS for GIS

HD Imagery for GIS

Since drones can fly much lower than manned aircraft, they can capture GIS-ready HD imagery. Resolution of 1-2" or better is easily obtainable and turn-around time is now hours, not weeks or months, as is the case with manned aerial photography.
More about HD imagery for GIS

3D Point Clouds for GIS

UAS can capture 3D point cloud data to visualize terrain, generate elevation contours or perform volumetric calculations. The resolution of the 3D data can rival ground-based LiDAR at a fraction of the price and the results are simply stunning.
More about 3D Point Clouds for GIS




















Flightline Geographics wins "Small Business Award" from Texas Governor's Office for 2015!

Flightline Geographics informative webinar with USGS for National Academy of Sciences on UAS mapping.